On the Go Snacks


Hello you all, I m so glad you have come back to my blog. Today I am going to be talking about some great on the go snacks with Lorissa’s Kitchen.

Being a mom and having two kids and one a toddler who is still pretty dependent on me and sometimes being a rush, its always helpful to have some great on the go snacks. That is just what Lorissa’s Kitchen provides. With four different flavors that can accommodate different taste for everyone, they can easily be thrown in my bag to grab them and snack.


I love food, so all these flavors are great for me and very flavorful. They pieces vary in size but that was not a big deal for me. I can even share them with my son. Now my daughter is a different story, she’s the picky eater. I am glad that I was able to try these products out and enjoy them thoroughly.  The great thing is you can easily buy them through the, Amazon, Target, or Walgreens.



Thank you all for stopping by the blog today to check out some awesome on the go snacks. Tell me some of your favorite on the go snacks or check out Lorissa’s Kitchen for these flavorful snacks.



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