3 Things We Love For Our Toddler

Disclaimer: Some if these links may be affiliate links, meaning if you click and or purchase I will get a commission. This is no way changed anything for you. I share with you all my 100% opinion! Thanks for supporting Life of A Mom2 Blog.

Hello you all, I’m excited to be back. Today decided to talk about some of my favorite products that I love and use for my toddler (& myself lol). You can shop the looks HERE.

Ju-Ju-Be is a diaper bag that is very fun and great for all moms. You can read more about them at the highlighted link. I was introduced to these diaper bags sometime last year (2016) by my best friend who is definitely obsessed. She gifted me my first bag for Christmas and she got me hooked. I then purchased a few more items from Ju-Ju-Be. At the moment we are using one of the newer bags that is just perfect for us right now. The MiniBe in Providence from the coastal collection. I definitely recommend their bags. They have so many different prints and styles there is sure to be one to your liking. They are also very roomy and you just have to get the size bag that will work for you. I love them because I can definitely use it for myself as well 🙂 


Freshly Picked is next on the list. They are a shoe company that is for newborns to kids sizes. They have specialized in moccasins, I was luckily enough to be able to partner with them and received a free pair of moccasins, My son wears them a lot, they are easy to put on and take off. I have since then purchased another pair on my own because I know for sure I love them. They have lots of different designs and colors! So make sure to check their products out HERE.



Once Upon a Farm is next up. They are a company that specializes in High Pressured Processing Pouches.  They are refrigerated pouches that have a shelf life of 3 days after being opened. They focus on fresh and organic and full of nutrients. I wrote an article on them before HERE.  You can also read more about their company and check out what they are all about HERE. Sammy loves them because they are easily accessible for him to eat. I can also use them for myself or even when I want to cook! 

2017-03-01 09.12.37


Thank you all for dropping by today to check out some of our must have products for our toddler. What are some of your must have products for your toddler? don’t forget you can shop these looks HERE.



One thought on “3 Things We Love For Our Toddler

  1. This was such a precious post. I love FP Mocs too. They are one of my favorites. I’ll have to look into that cute bag. Your son looks so cute wearing it.

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