Why I dropped all my Instagram Pods

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Hello everyone I am so glad to be back today about a post I was not sure If i should write or not. This is my first post really about blogging itself and not something that I would usually write about. So I hope you continue reading until the very end!

If you are a blogger or social media enthusiast you may know what IG pods are. If not I will tell you exactly what they are. So the whole concept of IG pods are you add up to 15 people in a group message on Instagram and once you post photo you would send it to the group and they would comment/like. The main purpose of these is so that your picture will get more engagment. Since the algorithm change Instagram has categorized the timeline into most popular and or what they think you would like from the people you follow. Sometimes that leaves your post unseen and kind of get lost down the timeline.

When I found out about these pods I joined quite a few. Then at one point in time I had 8 different pods on IG. I kept up with them for a bit and just slowly kind of slacked off. I finally decided after a few months that I needed to remove myself from a  few. So slowly I dropped them all until I had two. I don’t even know how I was able to keep up with 8 pods. Having two just stressed me out also. I didn’t wanna get on IG because I didn’t want to have to deal with my pods and trying to catch up and go comment/like other pictures. Not that I wasn’t wanting to be supportive but it just felt so tiring to try and keep up with it.

I finally took the plunge and dropped them all. Once I exited the last pod on Instagram I felt such a relief. I was able to get on Instagram and scroll through my feed an engage with anyone by not feeling obligated too. When I stopped my pods I had been in the 1900 range of followers and had been staying there for quite a while. Now that I have dropped the pods and have been engaging more “organically” as it is said my engagement & following has grown. This blog post is what was important for me and why I decided to drop my pods. This is not towards any other bloggers who have the pods. Everyone is different and works differently. This is what worked best for me.

The same day I dropped all my pods Style Collective had a blog post on “Why Instagram Pods are Damaging Your Brand”. To view the blog post on Style Collective you do have to be a member. Style Collective is a a great website for all women bloggers who are looking to take their blog to the next level.  It is a sisterhood but also a great amount of useful information. There is a fee to join but I find it so helpful that I don’t mind. So if your looking to take your blogging to the next level click HERE so you can join us and take your blog to the next. Join me as an #SCSister!

Thank you all for dropping by the blog today and reading something from me that is a little bit different than I usually write. I appreciate all of you who take the time to read my blog. If you are a blogger tell me how you feel about this. Tell me something you had a struggle with in blogging.


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2 thoughts on “Why I dropped all my Instagram Pods

  1. I just stopped doing all of mine shortly after we had our brunch! It was getting to be way too much for me as well…I have never felt more relieved and I found myself legitimately enjoying Instagram again hahaha even though I did notice a halt in engagement and growth.

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  2. I was wondering what pods were. I thought they were just the back and forth chat of the people I always follow and have notifications turned on for but I guess there was more behind it. I have never received a message to be a in pod. I might have gotten a few messages that I thought was odd with a photo, maybe those were invites or something. I just never knew! I have always just turned on notify for people I always want to try and catch and I scroll threw my feed a lot. The account grows, but it’s slow… but I see everything I want to so I’m happy.

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