Teeth Whitening with Naturally White Midtown

This is a sponsored post. I was given a free whitening session in exchange for my honest review. I am sharing my 100% opinion with you all. 

Hello you all, I have been pretty busy and have fallen behind a bit but I will back on track after this weekend. So this post is a little over due, but I’m here and you will get to read about my experience with Naturally White-Midtown in Houston, Texas.



Make sure you don’t eat atlas two hours before you go and then once your session is over you want to not eat for atlas another 2 hours. Drinking water after the session is okay, but I would recommend that you wait the two hours to eat.  The session is 60 minutes, but it will be a little bit longer so make sure you plan ahead. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes. You have (3) 20 minute sessions under the light. In between each session is about 5 minutes to prepare for the next session. For myself I also needed to add another 20 minutes because before I started my actual session I needed to use the Boost Treatment. The Boost treatment is a product that helps add minerals back to your enamel. I needed this for sure because over the years I have wore my enamel down from acidic foods and drinks. So after this process I was ready to start my whitening session. Everything is really easy and the not complicated at all. The whitening gel comes in a pen that you just rotate at the bottom and you spread across all your teeth before adding the light to it. Once you have done that they will hand you vitamin e to rub on your gums so that the whitening gel can be rubbed off your gums. Even if it does stay a little bit it is not harmful. All in all the process was easy and my teeth whitened 3 shades. I know that I will need at least another session to acquire the white that I would like. The whole process was easy and actually very fun. Who doesn’t love to get their teeth whitened?  A smile is very important to me especially since I like to show my teeth and love taking pictures. If you visit them online you can easily purchase your session and choose the date and time you need. You may also purchase electronic gift cards to send to your friends & loved ones. I also purchased a take home whitening pen. They also have take home whitening kit can make it easier for you if you need a touch up. If you so happen to chose Naturally White Midtown, please let them know that you were referred by Stephanie from Life of A Mom 2 Blog.

Here are my results from 1 session


Below I am going to share my interview questions with Lauren who is the Owner of this location. in Midtown.

1. How long is each session?
A cosmetic teeth whitening appointment is 1 hour & 15 mins long.

2. If someone has sensitive teeth is this a treatment that they can use?
Our teeth whitening gel is made with a plant & mineral based formula, so that really helps to alleviate sensitivity. However, everyones teeth are different! Some people naturally have sensitive teeth. For people that have sensitive teeth, we recommend our Boost Remineralizing treatment before the whitening process. Boost adds minerals back to your enamel!

3. How long should you wait in between doing another session to get the desired color you want?
3-7 days.

4. Why should people choose Naturally White? What sets you all apart from the others?
We are proud to offer an in office teeth whitening treatment that gives instant results!

Please visit their Social media which I will put below.


Twitter- @NaturallyWhite_

Facebook- Naturally White

Thank you all for stopping by and checking out my latest post. If you all happen to stop by Naturally White midtown Please let me know how you like it and what your results were!



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  1. This is so weird! I can’t get to the text of this post. I wanted to see what you tried as well. I happened to do my Crest 1 Hour Express Whitening just today! I’m always on the hunt for super whitening that doesn’t cause sensitivity.

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