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Camille’s Walk For Water- “I Walk for Water” book review

Disclaimer- I was given copy of this book to read and review, all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.

I am really excited about this post because it involves my daughter and a good cause. This book is part of a series called “I Walk for”. The overall story behind this book is sad but yet so informing. Lindsey Andrews is the author and she wrote this book based on a visit she made when she went to Ethiopia. I think these are perfect books for kids these ages.

We read the book once we received it and my daughter loved it. She definitely learned things she didn’t know. She was unaware that children from different countries had to walk for their water they use in everyday life unlike her. I really like to teach her about how lucky she is and blessed to have all the thing she has. This book definitely brought some awareness to her. I really recommend this book to read with your child/children.


Lindsey is holding a campaign to get the walk for series published. At this point it did not get fully funded so I will wait for the next step and keep you all informed. You can check out some of the information Here.

After reading “I Walk for Water” Camille and I came up with the idea to start our own campaign to raise money for a water well. You can find our campaign HERE, we would love for you all to donate any amount you feel you can or share with others. we would very much appreciate any of it.

I am so glad that she wanted to do this. I is so amazing for her to know that others aren’t as fortunate as she is and that she wants to help those who don’t have the same opportunities that she has.

All in all the book was an amazing read & to share these facts and important issues with your kids. If you would like to purchase it go HERE


Thank you all for stopping by and reading about this cause that has caught our attention. I hope you enjoy and if you do purchase the book please let me know what you and your children think of it.



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