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Valentine’s Outfit- Burgundy Love

Glad you all are back and have joined me today, I am so excited to bring you all my first fashion post. I have been wanting to do this for a while just have not had the time. This outfit I am going to show case is going to be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

So let me just say that I am not the best at choosing outfits that go together. Sam always says that I have no color coordination and I always ask him if I match lol.

2017-01-08 07.07.28.jpg

I absolutely am loving the burgundy color this fall/winter. This is a color I would wear all year around just because it is so gorgeous. I paired this amazing bomber with a pink blush dress.

2017-01-08 07.05.00-2.jpg

This makes for a perfect date night outfit with your honey or even for Valentine’s day with your significant other. Speaking of date night, Sam and I have agreed to have some more dates this year, at least once a month. I think now that Sammy is getting older it is important for us to start having a more routine as a couple still.

 2017-01-08 07.06.32-1.jpg

I am so glad that I am actually doing this post. I have been pretty nervous about this just because I am not in the greatest shape. Although I am comfortable with myself I still have a few things I would love to tone up. I am really excited to venture out into the fashion post. They are so fun and I love to have a reason to get dressed up more often. I hope you all will stop by more often to check out the blog. Make sure to subscribe and follow along to receive my latest post.

2017-01-08 07.07.10.jpg

Dress: SimilarSimilar | Shoes: Different Color | Bomber: Exact/ Similar | Bracelet: Exact | Watch: Similar

Tell me all about your favorite things to do on special nights with your significant other? What are some of your favorite places to shop for date night?

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