My Breast Pump Journey

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Hi you all,  I have been MIA for a few weeks and I have jumped back in today! I started working end of November and I’m still trying to figure out how to do it all. Juggle the time to blog, work, be a wife & a mom. Definitely slot harder than I thought. I decided to bring to the blog my breast pumping journey. To read about some of my journey you can read my post from before.

Before I get started here is some great info on breast pumps and help on how to choose carefully from

If you read the blog you know I have two children, Cami & Sammy. I breastfeed Cami for two months and I am still breastfeeding Sammy going on 13 months. The breast pump I used with Cami is the Ameda Yours Truly and with Sammy I use a Medela Breast pump.

I really enjoyed the Ameda pump but it was used for a few months and then it started to just slow down! The motor was slowly shutting  down on me so that’s when I got the Medela!

I love the Medela, it’s comes with a bag for all parts and charger and cords compartment! A very similiar one can be found HERE.


This time around I definitely did a lot of research before and during! I still looks up many things now!

Breastfeeding has been such a wild journey but without the help of my breast pumps it would have been more difficult. Being able to choose the right breast pump on this long journey has been even better. Having a breast pump that can travel with me makes it all that much easier if I needed to pump. I am so glad I have this pump to be able to make my journey that much easier.

My journey breastfeeding and pumping has been fairly easy. If you read my past post I did get mastitis once and with the help of my breast pump I was able to pump every 3 hours to relieve the pain. Now that My feedings aren’t as often I still know my breast pump has come in handy to me. This is definitely one of the best choices I have along this journey.

I have some fellow mom bloggers who have shared some of their breastfeeding & Breast Pump stories as well that I find awesome and I know you would as well.

Brooke Halstead from Nurse to Mom shared Confessions: Of An Exclusively Pumping Mom

Val from Lovely Lucky Life shared – How to Store Breastmilk

Leighann Hall from Two Boys One Pup shared – 5 Tips to Help Increase Milk Supply

Karen Heisick from The Sarcastic Parent – Exclusive Pumpers, Never Give up, Never Surrender

I am glad you all stopped by today to check out this post. If you have any awesome breast pump experiences lease feel free share them with me! Thank you so much for all the support.


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