Holiday Savings & Tips

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Hey you all hope your day is going great! I wanted to come buy and share with you all what are some great holiday shopping tips!



If you shop at target and do not have the cartwheel app or you have it and don’t use it!! Get it & use it starting today. Or when you go to Target lol. Right now during the holidays they have tons of  sales.

The purpose of the app is to save more money on many things in the store. Right now during the holidays every day they have a different toy 50% off. This is great for kids and when you need to buy Christmas presents. It is really easy to find the products that you can add to you list to take extra percentage off. You can scan every item right from the app and see if it is on Cartwheel. Once you check out you simply show your app to the cashier and they scan it and will take off the percentage. I use this all the time and so far I have saved$268.68 to date.

*New information* Target has now discontinued the cartwheel app but have added it to the Target app for you. You don’t have to have them separate! Works the same way and still love it!

Target – This link will take you to the webpage and you can scroll all the way to the bottom and click Apps then proceed to download from there for your phone.


Ibotta app. You get cash back from may different places that you shop on a daily. Grocery, Pharmacy, Clothing, Beauty, etc. You check the app for the store you are going to and see if anything you have on your list to buy is there for cash back. You want to make sure to read the information correctly because sometimes depending on the item you need more than 1 to receive the cash back. I have earned $56.50 so far with the app. It is perfect for anytime of the year but awesome to use for holiday cash as well. You can only cash out on a minimum of $20 and also gift cards as well at a minimum of $25 dollars for those.

Download Ibotta Here


Shopkick is another app that I love. You enter your address and it picks up all the closest stores to you like Target, Walmart, Kroger, etc. When you go to that store you get points for just walking in. Not all stores have this so make sure to check the app. All you have to do is have your bluetooth on to get your “kicks”. You can also get kicks (points) from scanning different items throughout the store or purchasing and scanning your receipt. You can also link you cards to the app and if the store is available to collect kicks you will get kicks for how much you spend depending on the store. I love this app because I can get gift cards to places that I enjoy shopping.

Download Shopkick Here

These are some of my favorite apps to use and I definitely recommend using them especially for holidays but just for any and everyday use when your shopping.

Happy Shopping y’all 🙂 Good Luck and thanks for stopping by the blog and reading. I wouldn’t be able to share this without you all. I am thankful for y’all.




4 thoughts on “Holiday Savings & Tips

    1. Thanks for the tips! I just got the target cartwheel app and I NEED to start using it lol I connected it with my Facebook so I see you and other FB friends on there and you’re like at the top of the list of savers! Have you ever tried the Flipp app? I have heard about it but haven’t tried it and was wondering if anyone else I know has tried it and their experience.

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