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DIY Kids Pictures

Happy Friday you all, YAY. So I wanted to get some great pictures of my kids for the holidays. I was lucky enough to find the perfect outfit and accessories for them.

Let me just say I am no where near a photographer, I use my lovely little iPhone 7. I was lucky enough to partner with The Hair Bow Company on this.

I decide to go to a park near our house that we love going to and is big enough for us that we wouldn’t run into many people and if we did I could crop them out. I was actually super excited because I loved the way they came out. Of course Sammy wanted to eat all the grass and leaves lol.

I did not have any props just the kids and the open space. fullsizeoutput_11e5fullsizeoutput_11eafullsizeoutput_11e8

They are at the perfect age where they actually get along and enjoy each others company. Sammy might pull Cami’s hair every once in a while but they usually laugh at each other. So capturing this was very easy and funny.

I took individual pictures of them as well.


Sammy’s pictures make me laugh especially the one where he is laying down. Trying to take pictures of a toddler is very hard, they don’t sit still very long. When I was taking his pictures I laid on the ground to get the best shots of him. I needed to get on his level. I have my iPhone like i said and I edit my pictures that way. I send them to my Mac and use the photo editor that way. You can also use Lightroom which is a really great editor. It does cost you but if you are working on your own then it really helps out. If not the photo editor with iPhone if you have it works really great as well.


Camille is so beautiful I am just so excited how her pictures turned out. Look at her she’s a model! She is the perfect age where I can tell her how to pose and bam its done, mostly. I used the same editor for her pictures as well.


This photo of Sammy was perfect except the bow tie got pulled out a tad. When I tried to fix it I got these last two photos.


HE is crying because I took the leaf away from him! lol of course he is crying because that. At this time I knew there was no way I was getting in any more good pictures!

So of course these are in no way professional photos at all but for my first time to attempt taking pictures of them, ill give myself a little pat on the back lol.

Camille’s outfit came from HERE and Sammy’s bowtie came from HERE. I got his bowtie to match with her outfit so they can have a little color in common. I absolutely love the items and Camille loved her outfit and especially her scarf. She has an infatuation with scarfs. The Hair Bow Company has plenty of more stuff to offer and was absolutely excited to share these items. They were perfect for doing a little holiday shoot.

Thank you all for stopping by the blog today and taking time out to read. Tell me some of favorite places or things to do when taking pictures of your kids or family.



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This is a sponsored post by The Hair Bow Company. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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