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Little Sleepy Head- Pillow

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Little Sleepy Head. All opinions & thoughts are my own.

Hey all, hope you all have been well. I am bringing something I really like to the blog today to share with you all.

As you all know if you keep up with the blog my son is almost 1 years old. He sleeps in his play pen as much as we can get him too. I let him use one of our pillows which was really flat for him but I have heard many different things about regular pillows being to big for them. So when I was contacted by Little Sleepy Head I was pretty excited to see that they cater to youth/toddlers pillows

They have two different size pillows,the toddler size pillows are 13″ X 18″ and youth is 16″ X 22″. They have less fill or regular. They have several different covers for them.

I loved the idea because it gives the child something of their own while also being decorative and cute. I chose to go with Toddler Pillow – Less fill and the Dinosaur Pillowcase. Once I received my package from Little Sleepy Head I of course opened. I felt like I was receiving a present for myself lol. The shipping was great, only took three days to get to me. Once I opened the package I was really impressed. I thought “aww how cute is this?”


I opened the package and the pillow and pillowcase came separately wrapped, and each had a card for care instructions, as well as other information. I also received a handwritten note from my contact with the company. I thought that was so awesome. I followed the care instructions and washed both of them that day so Sammy could use them that night. Once they were dry I added the pillowcase to the pillow. I loved the dinosaur print, it is just perfect for Sammy.


He did use it that night and I think that he enjoyed it. He isn’t use to really a pillow besides ours and he does sleep longer on them. He does move a lot through the night so it was really hard to get a picture of him and his wildness.

Altogether I was very pleased and would definitely purchase one as he grows, because he’s growing like crazy. The pillow itself is really soft and comfortable and just the perfect size for him. I love the print as well and it fits just so snug on the pillow. Even the pillowcase is soft. As for Sammy he is still getting used to and trying to understand what the pillow is exactly for lol



I can truly say this is a great company and I love the pillow and I know my son Sammy has a nice cushion for his little head. He has something of his own and he can use to grow with it and then we can get him a bigger one once he’s around 3. They are also so easy to wash and dry. I wish my pillows and pillowcases were as soft as his.

Please make sure to check out Little Sleepy Head, and when you purchase a pillow or pillowcase you can use the code “MYDEAL15” for 15% off the collection of both size pillows and pillowcases. Please let me know if you get to purchase them for your little ones, and how much they enjoy them.

Thank you all for stopping by the blog today and checking out some new things. Have a great day.


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5 thoughts on “Little Sleepy Head- Pillow

  1. I have soon to be 5 year old triplets and I’ve done lots of research on “big kid” pillows. I need one that is hypoallergenic due to allergies and lung issues. I’m going to buy the youth size pillows now, thanks to your review.

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      1. I bought the pillows several months ago and they are great. The kids think they are comfortable and I believe they wash up well when needed. Thank you for the recommendation.

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