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Marion’s Kitchen-Thai Green Curry Review

Since we have established I LOVE food, when I found this easy Thai Green Curry box set I was so excited to try it. When I started Culinary school I hadn’t tried different culture foods outside of my norm. I started venturing out and tried Indian, Thai, Mediterranean  etc. I definitely really loved curry the more I explored.

I was grocery shopping at Sprout’s Farmers Market one day just browsing the aisle and I found Marion’s Kitchen- Thai Green Curry in a box set. I was so excited because I love Thai curry and I hadn’t been able to get any in a while so I had to grab it. You can also purchase them from Target. It is so easy and simple to make because it all comes in separate packages labeled for you with directions. All you need to do is add your vegetables and your protein. You would also need some vegetable oil.


So I LOVE spicy and decided to just go all out and add the whole curry paste and chop the chilies. Boy that was a mistake! So if you decide to do this please make sure you don’t do this. It was just a tad too spicy for us.

I used chicken, green beans, and baby bella mushrooms for my protein and vegetables to add to the curry. I cooked all this before I prepared my curry. Then once I cooked everything I set them all aside and prepared my curry. I also made Jasmine Rice to go with this. Just follow the directions on the bag, it is really simple.


All the pictures above are some of the steps to the finished product. It is really easy and quick. It takes about 30 minutes in all. It all taste so amazing as well. Once you have your finished product of curry make sure to add in your protein and vegetables and then serve over your jasmine rice. I decided to add some fresh chopped cilantro to mine and it was perfect. I am extremely excited to try some more products from this company. Below you will see my finished product.

Altogether I definitely loved this product but I know next time not to add all the curry paste and all the chilies lol. It is super easy to make with the perfect directions it would super hard to mess this up. It has all the amazing flavors of curry that you would want. I am excited to try the rest of Marion’s Products. They all look so good. Let me know if you try them and how you like them.


If you love easy and asian food make sure to check out Marion’s Kitchen for all their products.

Thank you all for stopping by the blog today and checking out an easy dinner or lunch.


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