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Pumpkin Patch

Hey y’all, I am finally having some time to “relax” and sit down and blog today. I was so busy last week helping my niece with her Senior year homecoming. My mom was out of town and I had to be “Grandma” lol.

Anyways back to our Pumpkin Patch adventure. We went to one close to our home which is in Alvin, Texas called Froberg’s Farm. I talked about this place a while back when I took my daughter Camille to go strawberry picking in this post here. So they just opened at the end of September for their Corn Maze and other fall activities. I wanted to go so we could pick some pumpkins for the kids. When we got there I was told they didn’t have the actually pumpkin patch outside this year. I was a little upset about it but not that upset that I wanted to leave. The pricing was pretty fair to get into the Corn maze, it was $3 and $1 per token. The tokens were for the different activities they had such as flower picking, “hay ride”, face painting, duck races, etc. I put hay ride in quotes because the trailer didn’t have hay lol. We paid $18 each for me and my husband Sam which included corn maze and 15 tokens. Baby Sammy was free and then we paid $6 for Camille to have the corn maze entry. We saved $6 on the $18 payment, it was their special. You can check out their website for the different activities and their operation hours. I loved it and I was so hoping for Fall Weather which will explain our clothing, which ended up being a bad idea. It was quite warm lol, that is Texas weather for you.

The first thing we did was take the hay ride over to the flower picking area. I loved all the colors and flowers they had it was so awesome.




After we finished our flower picking we went back inside to get some snacks, they just opened a bakery and it was pretty awesome. They also have a small little grocery store inside as well. There was a snack bar where we could get nachos, hot dogs, etc. So we took some time to cool down before we went to do the small activities. You know we had to cool down because of our outfits lol. Y’all I need fall weather to be here already. So once we finished up we went and walked the Corn Maze first before the activities.


Once we finished the corn maze and using the rest of our tokens to let Cami play the activities we were ready to go inside and let Cami pick her pumpkin. She picked the pumpkin she wanted and I got a few small ones for Sammy. The bigger pumpkins were $.59 a pound.  I can’t remember the smaller pumpkin prices but very reasonable. We also got some popcorn to take home as well. They have some awesome popcorn. They also have a Greaks Smokehouse right outside the little grocery store and you can purchase different things there. We bought some Homemade Boudain and Homemade Sausage on a stick! Cami loved the sausage, and so did I.

All together we had a great time that we spent together as a family. We are hoping to find another pumpkin patch to visit and see what other places have to offer. I loved this place though because it is close to home and Cami had fun. The only thing like i said earlier was that I wish they would of had an actual pumpkin patch. What are some of your favorite pumpkin patch places to visit?


Thanks for stopping by the blog today. I always appreciate you all taking the time out of your day to read my post.



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