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Fall Round Up Part 2

I just am loving Fall so much that I had to do another Round up. This time I have a ton more things to share with you I doubt I can fit them all. This time I gathered other post from my Naptime Nation Facebook page. I am super excited to share some more Fall inspirations with you all as well as some other great bloggers post.

Fall/Autumn Related

Harriet from Life With Mrs. Lee is sharing her Autumn Bucket List that she would love to to with her family. Share with her what are some of your bucket list for this Fall season. Mine is to go to a pumpkin patch with my family.


Luz from Adventures with Nico talks about Fall Bucket List for Toddlers. She has lots on her list and has some great ideas to share. Make sure the check out her post.


Fall Party Themes

Marla from Because I Said So Baby shared How to Host the Ultimate Fall Pinterest Party. Her post is amazing and I must say I had not idea there was such a thing as a Pinterest Party. I LOVE Pinterest. This may inspire me to host a party.


Jen from With Giggles & Grace also shared how to plan a party with her post A Harvest Party-Part 1- Crafts. She also has some great ideas and this post has me really looking to have a party. Check it out and let her know what you think of all her ideas. harvest-party-e1474989265986.png


Sarah from Foxy’s Domestic Side wrote a post on How to Decorate a Mantel For The Holidays. She has full out details and instructions on to decorate the mantel in your home. Hers looks great I am not sure if I can get mine to look that awesome. Head over to her post and check it out.

How To Decorate-2.png

Annelise from Simply Annie posted about a DIY Fall Wreath- Under $30. She explains in detail where she got her items and how to make it. It looks awesome. Check it out and maybe you can have a new wreath at home.1474657179446.jpeg

Jenni from Stay at Home Mom who Blogs posted about DIY Fall Mason Jar Decor. I LOVE mason jars and I am definitely gonna do this!!I have painted a few mason jars for small crafts so making a fall related jar is gonna be fun!! Make sure to check out her post for her ideas.



Lesley from The Lucky Pear shared how to make Caramel Apple Streusel Muffin. This sounds amazing, and of course anything caramel and apple is great. She has shared her recipe and some beautiful pictures, make sure to check her page out.


Morgan from Lilies & Lambs has shared hot to make a Honey Apple Galette. My oh my it looks amazing.  Apples seem to be the best choice for Fall foods and recipes. Head over to her page and let her know what you think about it.


Kimberly from The OX Mama has shared Chocolate Chip (Fresh) Pumpkin Cookies. Wow this sounds amazing and they look awesome. Head over to her blog to check out her recipe!


Wow look at all these great post that I was so ecstatic to share. I have plenty of more where they came from and I (may) share a third round up with you all. Make sure to check out my first Fall Round Up post. What are some of your favorite things about Fall?

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the blog.



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