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Birth Story: Why we chose to not have visitors at the hospital.

My son will be a year in November, I can’t believe that time has gone by so fast. He has grown into such an awesome little human being so far. He just makes me days better ( & sometimes harder lol ) but he’s so fun. I thought that now I would share our story and why we didn’t want anyone at our sons birth and no visitors at the hospital.

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I found out I was pregnant March 2015 at about 4 weeks pregnant. I was due November 16,2015 but he was born November 10, 2015. This would be my second child and Sam’s ( my husbands) first biological child. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be just Sam and me during the labor and delivery of our son. Let me all give you a back story to why I wanted it to be this way.


As you may know Camille is my first-born and I was 18 when gave birth to her. I was so young and so was her father & we weren’t on the greatest terms. I delivered her with my mom in the room, because her father chose to not be there. I had to be induced at 38 weeks because I had Pre-eclampsia. I had to be given a certain medicine to keep me from having a seizure due to having the Pre-eclampsia. Once I delivered Camille I was supposed to be taken off this medicine and I was not until a few hours later. So this made me being able to get up and move around a longer process. My mom was there the whole time except for maybe going home for clothes. I was in the hospital for 4 days because they had to make sure that I was able to move (slowly) around by myself. I had a lot of visitors during these days and I don’t remember having much alone time with my baby girl or alone time in general. Someone was always in the room, and it was just too much for me. It was so overwhelming and so many people. I felt like I didn’t have the enjoyment of having a new baby and was overwhelmed from all the meds and all the visitors and not having her father there.

So I told Sam that I wanted the labor and delivery to be just him and me so that we could enjoy those moments together. I knew that I had him by my side & for support as well as to comfort me. I also knew that I didn’t want any visitors after he was born except my daughter and parents, as well as Sam’s mom. I wanted to enjoy the times as a new family together especially since Sam had to return to work the next day. I chose to be induced at week 39 because Sam was working out-of-town and we didn’t want to risk anything especially if I was home by myself. The cool thing is that baby Sammy was born the day after Sams birthday! I now know that the choice I made to not have any visitors until after we came home and settled in was the best choice. I was not overwhelmed with all the craziness of non stop visitors. I got to have my family time and Camille got to meet her brother without having a ton of people there & we all got to be a family of 4 comfortably. I know it was the best decision.


I know that the choice I made probably upset people and it is not that I don’t care, I just wanted to do what was right for MY family. The choice we made was definitely right for us, & I would do the same thing again. I know this choice is not for everyone but that is why you get the choice to have visitors or not.


What did you all do at the birth of your child, did you have visitors or did you have close family only?

Thanks for stopping by the blog today and reading about our birth story.


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