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Hello, I am so excited to be doing this post as a collaboration with four other mamas who would like to share their ideas for lunch time. They have each written their own piece just so I can make this an awesome post for you all. I hope you enjoy this post as much as I do. 5 brains is better than 1!

It is that time of the year again, yes back to school! Such an exciting but busy time for students, teachers, and parents. I have decided to write about what kind of things I pack for Camille’s lunch as well as some other great ideas I think that would work for kids.

Camille is very picky, she loves fruits and doesn’t eat much vegetables. She also will not eat lunch meats or lunchables. She is hard to please, which makes it so difficult to pack a lunch for her. Below are some of the things she will eat but I thought that I would suggest some other things as well that maybe other kids would like.

Pictured: Lays Potato Chips, Cheetos, Chewy Chocolate Chip granola, Goldfish Colors, Capri Sun Fruit Punch Organic, & Mini Dasani Water- all items purchased at TARGET

IMG_5067Pictured Above: peaches, strawberries, gala green apples, pepperoni slices, cheese stick, oranges. All items purchased at TARGET

Camille also eats like a little bird! She will eat but small amounts, but when it is something that she really likes she will definitely eat the most. I want to suggest some items that I have come across. They aren’t all healthy but just some suggestions.


Katherine Edge- Mamas Cheap

My son is going to 1st grade this coming school year and will be taking his lunch every day. He is a picky eater and I find it cheaper to send him with his lunch than to pay $2.50 everyday. I can buy two loaves of bread with $2.50! We have talked about the things he would like to take to school and this is a list we have come up with:

Grape or Strawberry Jam Sandwich.
Ham & Cheese Sandwich.
Lunchables. My son loves the pizza and ham and cheese ones.
String cheese, yogurts
Carrots, cucumbers with Ranch in a small tupperware container.
Snack Packs Pudding or Jello.
Apples, fresh pineapple, Cuties oranges, Strawberries (with a pinch of sugar), grapes.
Pretzels, goldfish, Chex Mix,
Capri Sun Drinks, or Mini water bottles.

Pretty much everything that we buy can be found in any grocery store, but we mainly shop at Wal-Mart or the commissary.


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Meghan & Jenn – Two Came True

School has begun, which means hectic mornings of trying to get two boys dressed, fed, and out the door on time and with all of their daily necessities. Making sure that they have a nutritious lunch in their hands just adds to the laundry list of school morning to do’s.

Packing lunch for two wildly energetic boys has become quite a brain teaser. We are constantly brainstorming and exchanging ways to keep lunch interesting, healthy and make sure it fits within the school’s policies (which are completely geared toward keeping ALL kids safe, especially kids with allergies).

Isn’t the ultimate goal to get your kids to actually EAT at school? Especially in a fun, vibrant place with LOTS of distractions?

Enter…the Bentgo Kids Leakproof Lunch Box!

The number one frustration we have had with packing lunches was washing and storing 10-15 different plastic containers specifically dedicated to my kids’ lunches. Some schools do not allow plastic baggies in lunch boxes AND we wanted to avoid using prepackaged food. Let us tell you a little bit about this amazing discovery.

The Bentgo lunch box takes less than a minute to hand wash (although it is dishwasher safe)…and the best part is…truly, we spend no more than 10 minutes packing two lunches EVERYDAY. This lunch box has changed my life!

Disclaimer: We are not the moms who spends a ton of time making lunches perfectly Pinterest worthy…we have been known to add a few cute touches here and there, but only if can be done in under 10 minutes!

The Bentgo box is a handy, durable and leakproof lunch box option for parents. The design makes it easy to pack a variety of healthy foods with appropriate portion sizes for kids. There are compartments for an entree, fruits & veggies, dips or yogurts, and other fun snacks or treats.

It is the BEST way to pack lunches because it is easy for kids to manage (yes they can open and close it without assistance) and you won’t be scouring the lost and found for a million tupperware containers AND their lids!

There are thousands of options to pack in the Bentgo, making it simple to always keep your little ones’ lunch new and interesting, which will only encourage them to actually eat! Below we are sharing 5 of our favorite lunch options…check them and let us know what a hit they are with your kiddos!
We are Jenn and Meghan, two gals from Denver, Colorado who quickly became friends through common interests. Our connection grew stronger after we both struggled to start our families and coincidentally both became mothers to twin boys! As teachers who are now stay at home moms, we created a blog, www.twocametrue.com, which strives to help twin moms relish in the joy of mothering twins (or multiples) by giving them a place to find all the resources, support and love they need to feel like a confident mom. We spend our days mommin’ our own sets of twin boys, blogging, and enjoying mother nature in Colorado.




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Kim Reed – Always a New Day Blog

My two kids can be picky when it comes to their lunches – they are also creatures of habit! Most of the time, we go with their true favorites though I have found some new ideas to kick up their lunch items.
For my son, he loves a traditional sandwich – no crust, please – and two sides. Currently, he loves his Pirate’s Booty and some fruit. The toddler is pretty much the same – except all carbs should be eliminated from her lunch plan. Her favorite is sliced deli meat and cheeses. A homemade Lunchable is perfect for my diva. If you can find child-friendly skewers, slide the meat and cheese on them and top with a tomato, olive, or whatever they prefer.
The new ideas come from some of their favorite dinner items – pasta and pizza. I recently posted how Thermos makes a great smaller container that keeps their pasta treats warm until lunch. But the best creation? Super easy pizza rolls. I either make these rolls at night then warm the next morning or you can prepare them the night before and just place in the oven in the morning. The prep time is easy and cooking time is 10 minutes flat!
And…you only need three things – crescent rolls, pepperoni, and cheese sticks. To assemble, separate all crescent rolls (8 come in a container) into triangles. Place 2-3 pepperoni slices and half of a cheese stick. Roll up and tuck ends so none of the gooey insides come out. Bake at 375 for 10 minutes. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese if your kiddo is a fan.
For their lunches, I take the warm rolls and wrap them tightly in foil and place in their lunch containers. If you feel your child can keep the mess to a minimum, add Ranch dressing or marinara for dipping!
Instead of a giant pizza of cold pizza, these warm rolls are perfect for their little lunches.

Back to School Must Haves – This is a post from Kims blog about lunches that she had before.

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So this is an amazing post I am so glad I had these wonderful mamas to help me out when I was in need for some more ideas. I hope this helps all you mamas out there and you have gained some awesome lunch ideas. Do you have any  great lunch ideas to share with us?

Thanks for stopping by the blog.



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