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September Goals for the Blog

It is September you all. I can’t believe it is already here. School has started and we are moving into the fall. Oh I can’t wait for fall, not that it gets to cold here in Houston but I am ready for it to cool down. With September here already I have an end on my August goals and a new start of goals for September. My August Goals post you can check out but I will be comparing my goals here and making new ones for the month.

August Goals

I will write a minimum of 3 blogs a week
I will get my Instagram followers to 500
I will get my Facebook followers to 300
I will get my Twitter followers to 750
Get photos taken of myself for the blog
The last goal is to make my wooden backdrops for my pictures to use for the blog and social media. This will require the help of my husband lol and he’s a very hard worker so lets hope we get this done!

september goals

September Goals

For the month of August I should have 12 blog post but I only had 7. I was supposed to have 3 blogs minimum per week. Unfortunately that did not happen so I will keep my goal the same.

September Goal- Write a minimum of 3 blog post per week.

For August I wanted to reach my followers on Instagram to at least 500. I did achieve that and now have 688. I know instagram is my most used source of social media. I will expand my goal for September.

September Goal- Increase my followers on Instagram to 1,000 – click link to follow me 🙂

My August goal for Facebook was to reach my “likes” to 300, Which I did not reach that goal, at the moment I have 176 likes. I use Facebook but not very often. I don’t get much exposure from here but this month I will try again. I will only increase my goal from last month by 50. Hopefully this gives me some more incentive to reach my goal.

September Goal- Increase my likes on Facebook to 350 – Click link to like my page 🙂

August goal for Twitter was to reach 750 followers, and I did not meet that goal 😦 I currently have 586. I am going to keep my goal as the same as last month. I need to be more active on my other social media accounts.

September Goal- Increase Twitter followers to 750 – Click the link and follow me 🙂

I also had a goal in August to get my photos taken for my blog, which I was going to but had some unforeseen things happen. So this month I should be able to and I am so excited for them. Chelsea, the photographer I have chosen, and I have the perfect place. I will include her page her for you to check out her work.Her Facebook page is more updated on her beautiful work. LondyLou Photography & LondyLou Photography Facebook

So my wooden background didn’t exactly get made, we only made a small wooden texas slate which is still beautiful. I have been using other sources of background for my pictures if you check out this post you can see how.

I will gain my followers on Pinterest to 400, Currently I am at 301.

I will also get a LOGO made for my blog, which is in the works right now.

So these are my new goals for September, what are some of you blog goals  & or in life?

Thanks for stopping by the blog today 🙂




10 thoughts on “September Goals for the Blog

  1. Great goals! I love seeing other mommy blogger goals 🙂 some of my goals for September include build my email subscribe list and Pinterest reach (through more followers and joining more group boards!) Best of luck, Momma 🙂

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