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Guadalupe River & San Antonio Trip

Hello you all, It has been a crazy last few days. Sorry for not posting anything recently. I was getting ready for my little pre birthday celebration for the weekend with my honey. My actual birthday is August 19th.

This trip was kind of last-minute and planned pretty fast. I have been talking about floating the river all summer lol so that’s what we decided to do and then head to San Antonio. I didn’t get many pictures from the river because I didn’t take my phone with me. I only got one before we went out on the water and then after we got back.

(Sorry for the low quality photos)


 I have had the same two bathing suits for about 5 years now so I was able to buy myself a new one. I can not find the one I purchased online but will refer you to something similar.To be honest I don’t even think they were matching pieces. I loved the one  I had it was so cute.



When I was younger my family use to go camping a lot at Bergheim Campgrounds and we would drop off in the river at their site. So that’s where I wanted to drop off at and then float until they pick us up. It took us about 5 hours to float until. It was cloudy at first but then brightened up an hour in and it was so relaxing! Needless to say that we started throwing back a few pretty early, lets just say 10 A.M. lol. a few hours in i was so “relaxed” i took about an hour nap. Sam and I got to actually have a conversation with each other for more than 5 minutes. I did flip out of my tube once and scraped my knee but it wasn’t anything to serious. I got back on my float and kept going. Once we finished the float around 3 P.M. we were picked up from the end site and taking back to the campgrounds to our truck.

WE were headed to our hotel at this point in San Antonio which was about a 45 minute drive from where we were. I booked our room at the Candlewood Suites: San Antonio Airport which was actually through Hotels.Com because I had an existing account with them. By the time we got there I was so ready to clean up and take a nap or something but I was also so hungry. This was my first time away from Sammy this long so of course I had to bring my electric pump so I could keep my supply good and relieve myself as well. The room we stayed in was awesome, it was so spacious and had a live in kitchen which explains why they didn’t serve breakfast in the morning. I didn’t get pictures of the bed or anything but got the small kitchen. It came with a refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, two burners, dishes, & silverware. A really long desk with a king size bed and nice see tv. It of course had an iron, ironing board, hair dryer, and small closet like most hotels do. It was just perfect for us,, I would definitely recommend this place.


For dinner that night I wanted to go to a hibachi grill, Benihana’s would have been my first choice but they seemed to have closed it down there. So we ended up at Sumo Japanese Steakhouse which is very similar. For the most part the food was good, but my favorite part about Benihana’s is the chicken friend rice, and this place had no comparison. Our chef was hilarious which made it fun, he was having fun telling jokes so it was a great time.

After dinner we decided to head back to the hotel and rest up a bit before we figured out what we would do for the night. Sam and I just watched some tv and took a nap. I really contemplated on just staying asleep for the rest of the night but I thought hey it is my birthday celebration I’m going to make myself get up and do something. That is exactly what I did. We headed out around 11 P.M. and went to downtown San Antonio down Houston street which is where all the bars are. We only made it to two bars, the first one was THE LAST WORD &the second was TICKETS SPORTS PUB. I didn’t have any drinks because the river wore me out and I needed a break, plus we had to wake up early.

Sunday morning came it was time to get dressed and check out the hotel.

 We left the hotel around 10 A.M. and started to head to Mi Tierra Cafe & Bakery the place I have always gone to when I go to San Antonio. Whenever I would go with my family we would go there and the Market Square which is right by it as well. We had an early lunch and then walked around the market square and explored the little shops. It has grown so big popular there are always people there, crazy packed. The latin culture is very strong in this area, I love it because of course I am a Hispanic. The market square has so many different little shops, we biught Cami some little trinkets that I know she’ll love and I got myself some earrings.



If you go to the market square make sure to visit Texas General Store that is mostly local products and the gentleman there was so nice and engaging.

WE purchased a BBQ sauce that I cant wait to try from Fredericksburg Farms. They have so many different stuff on their website, you should check it out. When we try it I will be sure to let you all know.


After we finished up here we went to the River Center Mall which connects to the San Antonio River Walk and just walked around the mall for a bit then walked down the River Walk. Mostly everything down the River Walk is restaurants and bars. If you’re hispanic I know you know who Selena is and hopefully you know who she is anyways. The movie her and her husband Chris go to San Antonio so there is the famous Selena Bridge. Sam and I googled and think we found it so hopefully it was the right one lol. I took some pictures anyways hoping it was the right bridge 🙂


So after we walked around for a bit we decided to head back to our car and just our luck it would start raining on us! I got a free new hair do lol. Luckily my makeup did not come off but poor Sam, his shirt got all wet. So before we left he went to buy a new shirt in the mall. The whole weekend I knew that we were going to do something but wasnt exactly sure what, Sam wanted to surprise me because he hasn’t been able to do before. He says I walways ruin them because I ask to many questions lol. So as we headed out to the surprise I took a nap just so I wouldnt know where we were going. So we ended up in this little town called Gruene, Texas technically prounounced (Green). It was so cute and had little antique shops and very historic looking. Once we stopped I saw this reataurant called Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar. This is exactly where we went, and it was so beautiful. It use to be an old Cotton gin and they havent changed anything about it except turn it into a restuarant. It over looked the Guadalupe River but it was raining so we couldn’t sit outside sadly. The decor and place was just amazngly beautiful and if you ever are around here I highly suggest you go. I am so sad I didnt get any pictures but if you check out the link you can see some there and read all about it. So as we are being taken to our seats we are shown to a table that has a couple there already and I am so confused until I realize they are friends of ours. I was pretty surprised lol but glad we got to enjoy our dinner with them. The couple that met us there are our friends Corey and Jodi, Jodi and I happen to have the same birthday just a year apart so we got to enjoy a pre birthday dinner. I ordered the Gruene Wings & the Pasta Poblano Salad and it was amazing all tasted so beautiful. I also ordered the Grizzly’s Sangria. Everything about this stop was so amazing from the view to the food and the company. I was so sad because I wanted to walk around the little town but it was raining so we decided to head home.

As much fun as it was I was so ready to come home to my babies, I would only get to see Sammy. Camille was spending the last week of summer at her dads home. She gets to come home today though so that’s exciting.

It was absolutely so nice to get away with Sam and enjoy everything we did. I didnt realize until I came back home and had to have my regular week that I am always on the go, and if I take a break I get behind. So having that small break was great and spending it with a loved one made it that much better.

If you ever have been to San Antonio what are some of your favorite places to visit? If you haven’t been I suggest you should go, it is a site to see. I know there are way more attractions there but these were the ones we got to visit and I hope you enjoyed my sharing of our little trip.


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or affiliated. These are opinions of my own and I was not rewarded or paid for anything in this post.



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