Why we discipline our child & don’t feel bad about it.

Hili you all, happy Monday.

I hope you all had a great weekend. We literally just lounged around the house and did nothing. It has been a long time where we have been home the whole weekend. It felt good to not have to worry about getting dressed or rushing for anything.

So today I figured that I would talk about how Camille is disciplined at our home as a 6 year old, & why we choose to.

Cami is the most sweetest and funniest little girl I know. So before my husband Sam came in our lives it was just Cami and I. I was 18 when I had her, still a kid myself, and so was her father. I did a lot of things for her on my own with the help of my mother, who has always been there and helped me. It is like she had two mommies. She has always seen her dad and his family and he is here for her now a lot more. Sometimes it takes longer for some people to be a parent then other, but he’s there now.

So being a single mom working and going to school was pretty rough and while I was still trying to figure out the whole parent thing myself. I didn’t implement a lot of rules or discipline until she was about 3 years old. She started school at that age so we had to have a bedtime and “homework time”. It was hard but we did the best we could lol.

I always knew that I wanted my daughter to grow up and be a respectful human being towards myself and other people regardless of age. I wanted her to treat other kids right and treat adults with respect and kindness. I started off small with teaching her about manners, things such as “yes ma’am, no ma’am, thank you, & you’re welcome.”

I didn’t necessarily force it until Sam and I got together. He grew up that way so we decided that we would correct her and help guide her to make these things a habit. We implemented other habits as far as chores to help around home. Once she started kindergarten she had a routine. We had our morning routine and our afternoon routine, of course we didn’t always do it all perfectly but tried out hardest. As far as her chores she has to help put the silverware away, fold her clothes and put them away and make sure her room/bed is clean. Towards the end of last school year I had her bring her clothes to me to iron, help pack her lunch, and have her backpack ready the night before.  I have never had any problems with her doing this. I always explain to her I am helping her become responsible and that she learns these things now so when she gets older she can just do them instead of being told. She is one amazing little girl that I love and I know that as she grows older she will be an awesome and respectable person of the community.

She is also suppose to respond with her manners whenever she is spoken to, and she does really well with them. Sometimes I do have to remind her when she talks and she remembers right away that she needs to use her manners.

As I mentioned before that my mom has helped me a lot with her so it is really hard and has been a long road for my mother to let me/us parent Camille without her stepping in. Sometimes she does not agree with things but like I have told her she is our child and while I appreciate all the help that I am still going to implement these rules and chores and not feel bad about. I know many others will probably feel the same way but she is our child and while I appreciate the concerns we are still going to do what we feel right as parents.

Why won’t I feel bad? I won’t feel bad because I know my daughter will not grow up and be an asshole to other people. She will be able to take care of herself as an adult, and be able to respect others and treat them with kindness. She will also know when to stand up for herself.

We will also be implementing this same rules for baby Sammy, we wouldn’t expect any different from him as he grows up.

I hope you all have a great Monday, thanks for stopping by 🙂



6 thoughts on “Why we discipline our child & don’t feel bad about it.

  1. Good thoughts! We have entered into the two year old waters and have taken a fairly strict approach to discipline, but we are hoping it in the end it will pay off. I always remind myself of how my parents raised me and that is SO helpful!

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  2. poorly formed sentences, awful grammar, horrendous spelling. look at other blogs. they’re supposed to be useful or an amusing story. there should not be a million sentences that start with so

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