Easy Photo Backdrops

Happy Friday you all!

This is a late post unfortunately, I have a hard time doing time management but yesterday was a busy day. Cami had tumbling and then I needed to go find some uniforms for her for school. I will talk about that in another post! I also have two babies, one is Sammy of course and then another I babysit, during the day and all other household chores makes it difficult to do stuff during “nap time.” They are not on the same schedule lol.

So I have recently come to realize I don’t have the best quality photos for my blog and social media platforms. So I decided to change that. I wanted to do something that wasn’t expensive but that would look good.

My husband was able to bring some wooden pallets home so that project is in the works. I will share that as soon as we finish that project!

So I have a lot of craft stuff and was doing it on occasion when I get the chance. I have ribbon, fabric, jewels, elastic & all the more stuff that comes with crafting. So I looked around and saw all these colorful fabrics that I have and decided to put them to use.


I know that if I want a little color that these are perfect! I love designs and brightness. I got these fabrics from JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store and they range from different prices per yard. You can also use coupons for them usually which is about 40% off. Simple and inexpensive ways to make backdrops.or just backgrounds for your photos. I have used some of them already so be sure to check out my Instagram and follow me 🙂

I also knew that I could use crafting paper as backgrounds as well. So I went to Michaels Crafts Store and got crafting paper to use for backgrounds as well, those run about .49 cents to about a $1 a sheet. using coupons or waiting for sales can help out your total as well. The ones I gathered on my trip are simple and one color and its so easy!! I love that I had this idea.


I know I still don’t have the best pictures around but I think it helps me. I also started using sunlight for the natural light for my pictures.

I hope you all found this useful, and maybe even use these tricks! What are some of your unique ways to take photos?

Have a great weekend!



14 thoughts on “Easy Photo Backdrops

  1. Great ideas…and I like be how affordable they are. I use my backyard a lot just for pretty scenery, and then I also use some cute blankets and rugs that I already own from my kids room to photograph things on!

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