Netflix favorites

Happy Thursday everyone, I hope you are all doing well!

I thought that I would give you some favorites from Netflix that I watch.

Netflix became even more popular after I gave birth because all I was doing was taking care of the baby and Netflix, because I was barely getting any sleep lol.

So I have a variety of different shows I watch, I love crime thats probably my number 1 shows I watch. Im am just going to list them here for you all. I am still searching and watching new shows as they come on. Some of the shows come and go or get taken away from Netflix. So I will be sharing the ones that are there as of now.

1. Sons of Anarchy- This is about a motorcycle club based in California, it is crime/drama. I have watched this series multiple times!! I will never get tired of it.

2. Into the Abyss-  This is a documentary about a few people in prison near Houston for a killing spree, and are now on death row. It focuses on one main guy but brings in the others. These kind of shows intrigue me to hear from the convicted person.

3. One Tree Hill- This is a teen drama series that came out when I was younger and I never finished it.I decided to watch it once I saw it on Netflix, and I am glad I did.

4. American Horror Story- This is a series that I absolutely love, each season is a different and new setting. This series is definitely creepy but that is what makes it the best.

5. Stranger Things- This is a new series by Netflix and it is so good. The title says it all “stranger things” is basically what it is all about.

6. The Wedding Planner- She is always planning a wedding but never a Bride. Jennifer Lopez is just amazing in any movie.

7. Last Chance U- A New Netflix original series that just came out. It is about a junior college that football players go to to prepare them for the future so secure better opportunities.

8.  Clueless- This is such classic about a High school student into fashion and makeup

9. Heart of the Country- Jana Kramer stars in a great movie where she has to go back to her hometown after some unforeseen events happen while she is in New York.

10. Chopped- Anything to do with cooking is something that I will watch any day.

These are just some of the shows I recommend for Netflix, what are your favorite shows??


Disclaimer: This is not a pid or sponsored post, these are my own opinions.


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