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School Uniforms

Hello all, if you have read my recent post you know that it is almost back to school time.  We are already preparing for the first day of school. Camille is going to the first grade and she has to wear uniform. I have a love hate relationship with uniforms, only because Cami has so many regular clothes already. Although she has grown since last year so we have kind of done a sweep through of her clothes.

Came is 6 and she is extremely skinny lol, I use to be like that when I was younger. It is really hard to find bottoms that fit her correctly. She is also tall so I have to make sure that  they are long enough for her. So when she wears pants I have to make sure they are long enough but I know they will not fit her waist, it is also the same with shorts or capris. I have to always get the ones that have elastic. It is fairly common now so it is not to hard of a search.

Uniform shopping, you all know I will be at Target for some and I will be browsing Old Navy. As far as online selection Old Navy seems to have more selection.They all seem to be  fairly priced within both stores.

I know that Cami is more excited about the accessories than the actual clothing she has to wear unless it is a dress or a skirt. So I will be getting a few dresses and skirts of course.

I will make sure to update you all on the uniform shopping and what all we got.

Where all do you shop for school clothes whether it be uniform or not?

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