Make up

Favorite palette at the moment.

So Wednesday will be about makeup so I have to make sure I do that. So before I begin, I am not a licensed make up artist or do I get paid for these post. I am simply stating my own opinions.

So as of right now I have one of my favorite items, it is the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Face Palette. As far as I know it was limited edition and is out of stock on the Sephora website sadly. Becca & Jaclyn have other collaborations together on Sephora. Check out all of the Becca collection here. Some of the colors are in the new split pans they just released but also with some new colors as well. Just check all the products out online! You will love them.

This palette has two highlighters and 3 blushes. The highlighters are Champagne Pop & Prosecco Pop. The blushes are Rose Spritz, Amaretto, & Pamplemousse.


I love all the colors and the pigments from each and everyone. They just are absolutely beautiful! So I just started wearing highlights in my makeup routine very recently and it is the most amazing thing I believe. I haven’t really experimented much with blush before but I add some of them with my highlight. So the highlight colors I put them on my cheekbones swipe upwards towards the side of my eyes! I then add a hint of the blush to it to make it pop as well. It turns out amazing, don’t worry I will have pictures. I also dab a little of of highlight on the tip of my nose and on top of my upper lip. These are just little things I have learned from others and seen on tutorial videos. If you get on YouTube you can search Jaclyn Hill Face Palette and you can see different videos for tutorials!

I believe that I am getting what I paid for it and will get as much use out of it as possible!

You all should follow Jaclyn Hill on social media, I will post the links here.






What are some of your favorite make up items that you have purchased recently or or have loved using?



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