August Goals

Hello my lovely readers! So I have decided I will make goals for each month for my blog & social media pertained to my blog.

Yes it is almost August, I can’t believe it either. So I am going to only have a few goals for my blog this month. The end of the month I will check my progress.

  1. I will write a minimum of 3 blogs a week
  2. I will get my Instagram followers to 500
  3. I will get my Facebook followers to 300
  4. I will get my Twitter followers to 750
  5. Get photos taken of myself for the blog
  6. The last goal is to make my wooden backdrops for my pictures to use for the blog and social media. This will require the help of my husband lol and he’s a very hard worker so lets hope we get this done!

I am setting these goals because I have been blogging since January & it has been an on and off kind of thing. I have been serious about it but was lagging on making the time for it. Now I will make sure I have the time even if I lose a little sleep!

July 25 2016 Social Media numbers

Instagram- 264 followers

Facebook- 103 Followers

Twitter- 403 followers

What are some of your goals for August? Even if its not blog related. Tell me any goal you have for this month!

Hope you all have a great Monday



28 thoughts on “August Goals

  1. Good luck!! I’ll definitely try to make sure to follow along on some form of social media today! I’m “aimingforaugust”. Way to stay accountable! If you need any help, be sure to reach out!!

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  2. Great goals! I would love to get my Instragram following to 200 (it is currently at 34. I just made one specifically for all blog things instead of using just my personal one). I would also like to aim to make a Facebook page and a Twitter account that I use regularly. I would also love to gain some blog followers.

    I just followed you on IG! I am threekidsandalatteblog 🙂

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