To the “haters”

So I was not sure about making this post or not but I said what the heck I might as well.

So I was informed recently that someone took my picture that I posted on a makeup page and posted it on another and was being made fun of. I did not actually see the post but I was told by another person that someone had done this. I am pretty sure I know what picture it was that they took. I had 4 pictures that I posted from the same day with different hairstyles asking for which one looks better. So they must have taken one of those pictures to make fun of my nose contour because it wasn’t done correctly or blended. Now that I look at the pictures I can tell that I did not blend it right. I will share the pictures below.

If you can zoom in or click on the pictures you can tell that obviously my nose contour was not blended right and I totally agree with that now that I can clearly see it. I do not agree with someone taking my pictures to make fun of. I have never stated that I was a professional or that I do my makeup perfect. I just recently started doing more with my makeup. So to the person who took my picture and decided to blast me on social media I feel sorry for you. That you have that much time to make fun of someone instead of offering help. Yes I was upset at first and annoyed but I love me and so does my family and they aren’t going to ridicule me for making a minor makeup mistake. You must not be very happy with yourself to make fun of me.

I would have respected someone so much more that would of come to me and said “hey your contour isn’t full blended in this picture be careful of that next time” or something along the line of that.

So to the hater you may have gotten a few laughs but you won’t break my confidence or hurt me. You’re only hurting yourself by showing people who you truly are.

Thanks for reading this you all!



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