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Back to School?!

Hello you all! Hope you all have been well!

I can’t believe it is almost the end of July! WHYYY? Haha.

This means school isn’t that far away. With the the way time has been flying it will be here in no time. So if you don’t know already Target is my best friend lol but it is so evil. Lol. So Target had some sales this week for school supplies, so of course i took advantage of it.

I got a few items with the sale & will definitely share the weekly ad for the store I shop at.

So the store that I shop at is in Pearland, which is right outside of Houston, Texas. So I will be posting the weekly ad for this actual store. This may not be the case for all Targets but they always have good weekly ads.

Target weekly ad

So I got about half of the stuff from her school list. I got pencils, markers, crayons, erasers, sharpener, notebooks & compositions. I would say i got a steal for these items. So glad i was able to go to the store this week! I hope you all check out the sales at your local targets.


(I found this awesome photo^^^ so i wanted to use it but I know I must give credit to where I found it. So its link is attached to the word photo! )

So now that we are about a month away from school we are about to get back into our regular bed time routine for Camille. She is definitely a night owl like myself because she will stay up pretty late and then sleep until like 12 P.M. I love sleep and sometimes I feel like I can never get enough of it. So this Sunday we will be getting to bed around 10 and then gradually moving her bedtime up until 8:30. I know she won’t fight me on it but it will be an adjustment. I know I have to do this so that once school starts she will not have trouble with her sleeping schedule.

She is also going into first grade with some new glasses that should be coming in soon!

Camille is excited for school to start back which is really surprising!! So first grade here we come!

How are you all preparing for the new school year with your kids & what places do you like for school supplies??



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