Why we don’t want anymore children

Hello my lovely people. Today I thought i should express why my husband & I don’t want anymore children.

We have a daughter Camille who is now 6 & baby Sammy who is 8 months old & i think that is the perfect balance. I know I have mentioned before that Camille is not biologically my husband Sam’s but thats is very much his daughter. He does and would do anything for her just as he would for baby Sammy & me. I use to want about 4 children before I had any kids. Now I am very much content with the two little angels I have now.

  1. We are a perfect balance in our little family. There are two girls and 2 boys and it is perfect.
  2. We are young enough to grow with both of them and enjoy all the things they will want to do as they start to become active.
  3. Kids are EXPENSIVE lol and I am sure that 2 kids will give us a run for our money.
  4. We want to be able to take amazing vacations in the future. We don’t want just weekend trips even though I am sure they wouldn’t know the difference but we will lol. Camille wants so badly to go to Disney World.
  5. We will be done raising our kids by the age of 42/43 and we can enjoy our time as a couple a lot more while our kids are off to college and growing as young adults.
  6. Kids are such a big responsibility and being responsible of 2 human beings is enough pressure as it is already lol.
  7. We only have 2 kids so being able to balance out time to spend with them doesn’t make it so hard. I know it can get busy and this busy is what I enjoy.


Those are just some of the reasons that we want to keep our little family just the way we are. I know everyone has a difference of opinions about how big or small you want your family. Let me know what are you thought on family size.



12 thoughts on “Why we don’t want anymore children

  1. We have one right now, and I think we will also be stopping at two. I think two allows your kids to have a sibling without completely bankrupting us. I used to want four as well, but since our baby was born, I think that is a pipe dream.

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