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July 4, 2016

Hello all you wonderful people! It has been a while since I’ve been here. I had a small vacation and just trying to figure out some things. I hope you all have been well!

So Monday was 4th of July. How did you all spend it?


I had the pleasure of spending it with my family, meaning my husband and my kids. We also spent some time with other family at their home. Camille enjoyed being in the pool even though she can’t swim. We have been trying to work on that ourselves but looks like we will need to get some lessons. Surprisingly I was not in the mood to get in the pool that day; So we just all hung out and watched the kids swim and had pizza. We also decided that for the night time we would go so FIREWORKS! We then made our way to another family members house where we were able to watch the fireworks right from their front yard.

It was such an amazing day spent with loved ones. Sammy actually was in awe by the fireworks and it was so amazing to see him smile and laugh at them.


I was so excited for 4th of July because I made our own shirts for this holiday. Okay a little corny but I was so excited to match and be cute. Sam didn’t want a shirt but he ended up getting a blue shirt to go with our theme lol.

I also was excited because I finally bought some shorts that weren’t maternity! Yes its been 8 months and i still can’t fit my pre pregnant shorts. To be honest I have not even tried to really get fit. I don’t have a major problem with how I look. I love myself & all I need is to get toned. So the shorts I bought were from Gap factory store and online they say $30.99 but they were on sale even more than that in store. So if you think about ordering them I would go look in store. I also got some really cute sandals, the link I provided is not the same as the shoe I purchased but its the closest one I can find to it online. I got them from the factory store as well.



I enjoyed my Fourth of July very much being able to spend it with my family and close friends. This week was crazy because we had just came back from our vacation a few days before the fourth and I have literally been winding down since then. I hope you all have a great weekend.



Disclaimer: I have not been paid to share my purchases with you. These opinions are my own and I’m only sharing my purchases with you because I enjoyed them.


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