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Baby Food Life Savers

Alright you all so Sammy is now almost 7 months and has been fully on solids every day since mid May. My husband and I have decided that before little Sammy was born that we wanted to have everything all natural and organic as possible. We decided that I would make all his foods when he started solids.

Lets just say that it has been fun but I was able to make at least a month or more worth of pureed food for baby Sammy. I used organic sweet white potatoes and those were a HIT. I steamed them without the skins and they are so good without anything added to them. I also have made peaches, green beans, carrots, & butternut squash. The foods are easy for being at home. I know that when we are on the road it is harder because I don’t have small pouches or containers to put them in. I know they have some at Babies R Us Squeeze Packs which is something I need to invest in.

So a few weeks ago I stumbled upon an ad for Once Upon A Farm.

I saw organic and refrigerated and thought to myself we have to try this! So I live in Houston and fortunately they had some available at select Target stores in my area. This company is very new and I am so glad that I stumbled across them. They specialize in fresh refrigerated High Pressure Processed Organic food pouches. This preserves all the nutrients and flavors. Check out their website for more information about what they are all about.

I can just say they are a life saver and I even love the flavors (yes I tried them) and I know it is organic and it is refrigerated so I know there aren’t any preservatives to keep it on the shelf. They have 10 products as of right now for 5 months + and hopefully they will expand some more. Like I said they are very new and I will definitely keep up with them. I signed up with the newsletter to keep up with all the upcoming new things. It seems as if they will have a subscription and accessories coming soon. This makes me super excited for my little one.


Okay so the pouches we have tried are the Magic Velvet Mango & Sun-Shiny Strawberry Patch. We also bought Mama Bear Blueberry.

The Magic Velvet Mango was absolutely amazing from the texture to the flavor. Baby Sammy LOVED them and was super upset that he ate the whole pouch lol.

The Sun-Shiny Strawberry pouch says its for 9 months + but my son is definitely a big boy. He weighs 22+ pounds so I figured he would be okay with it. It was definitely a little more chunky than he was used to because of the shredded coconut but that did not stop him from eating the whole pouch.

Mama Bear Blueberry is the one we have not tried yet but will soon within the next few days. I am sure that he will love it & me too.

I am excited for Sammy to try the rest of the flavors as well as myself trying them lol.

The last thing I have to say is the packaging is perfection. It is simple but yet perfect for the name. I have literally become so excited about this product and company. It makes me want to jump for joy, it makes me feel like I’m waking up on Christmas morning opening presents when I purchase them. ElhO6bAk

I may not be a perfect mom and know that I can’t prevent everything bad from my son. Knowing that I can easily grab these and go with the comfort of knowing what my child is ingesting in his body makes it much more comfortable for me to feed him something other than the food I have made.

I hope you all give this company a try and see how amazing it is & that you fall in love with them just as I have.

I will include all their links below for all their social media.

twitter1  instagram  unnamed unnamed-2


5 thoughts on “Baby Food Life Savers

  1. This looks like a great option for on-the-go! You might also want to check out the Kiindle system on Amazon. They have pouches you can fill with your own purees and even have a container to easily fill the pouches plus a few options for the mouth piece.

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