Saving Tips 

Hey guys & gals! this post has me so excited to talk about my money saving tactics. I use several Apps on my iPhone.

1. Cartwheel by Target

This app is downloadable through your the app store with iPhone and the play store with android phones. I save anywhere from 5%-50% off many items within Target. Food, Clothing, make up, dishes, household items, baby items, electronics, pets, toys & etc. There is always tons of stuff. I have saved $194.97 since 2015. Isn’t that awesome? I especially loved it around Christmas time, they chose a different toy each day for two weeks to have at 50% off! It was the most amazing thing ever. This is one of the most apps I use and it is like my best friend. Trust me you will want to go download it RIGHT now.

2. Shopkick

This app can be downloaded through your app store as well with iPhone and the play store with androids. This app is amazing. So there are quite a few stores in the app from grocery stores to clothing that it gives you different deals within each store. The app has several store that you can get “kicks” (points) from walking in the store while paring it with bluetooth. You can also scan different items that each store has to get your “kicks” as well. Also purchases can give you “kicks” as well. Once you have reached a certain amount of “kicks” you can get a gift card. It is basically getting gift cards for free. They have several different gift cards you can choose from, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Sephora, JCPenney etc. I have only gained a $5 Target gift card because right now I am saving up my points for a Sephora gift card 🙂 Once you have the app you can invite friends and get “kicks” that way according to their stipulations. So make sure to read all rules before. The link I attached is my invitation personally to you. Enjoy your KICKS!

3. Ibotta

So Ibotta is an app that can be downloaded from your app store. This app consist of rebates of different offers from different stores. So once you download the app itself you pick a store that they have available for you to choose from and unlock all the items you believe you will purchase from your trip that day. Make sure to read it completely and all the stipulations to make sure you get the rebate. I have not done that before and messed up. For instance purchasing only one when the rebate needed two of the item. So you finish your shopping trip and go to fulfill your rebates and you must show proof of your receipt and proof of each item. Through the app you have access to your camera and snap away. It is the easiest thing ever. You can only cash out once you have hit $20 so keep that in mind. It is cashed out through Paypal, Venmo, or gift cards. Once you sign up you are able to invite friends through your own special link. When that person signs up and receives their first rebate they will receive $10 &  you will receive $5. I am not sure if there is a cut off limit for that. I would have to read further into it. The link I posted above is my special link. So sign up and start collecting your rebates.

4. Raise

Raise is a gift card app purchased through your app stores which consist of buying and selling gift cards. You can buy gift cards at a discounted price. For example if someone chooses to sell their $25 gift card you can purchase it from 0%- 38% off. They have a lot of places to buy gift cards from. You can also sell any unwanted or left over gift cards to earn extra cash. When you choose to sell your gift card you choose the percentage off. Some of the gift cards you purchase are E-Gift cards which you receive electronically through the app and can use the number when you decide to use it. You can also receive the actual gift card by mail which will take longer to receive of course. If you choose to sell one that way you would of course have to mail it off as well. I love this app because I shop at Target A LOT lol and comes very handy and like I said there are a ton of places to choose from. Once you join you can invite friends. When you invite friends you can give them $5 towards their first order purchase and then earn yourself $5 when they make their first purchase. You get your own special link just like I do which is the link I have provided above.

5. Honest Company Bundles

Okay so just having my son about 7 months ago we decided that we would go with all natural or organic products as far as baby products from detergent, hygiene, and diapers. I found out about the Honest Company about a year or so ago. Absolutely wanted to try it. So you can definitely order a free trial purchase with paying for shipping before you receive your bundles. They have 4 different bundles to choose from. They have the Diapers & Wipes ($79.95), Essentials ($35.95), Organic infant formula + baby DHA ($119.95), Health & wellness ($35.95). They are on the pricier end of stuff but choosing to buy the bundles is much easier. They also have their products at multiple stores around such as Target & Whole Foods for example. Once you sign up and you invite friends & they purchase bundles you receive $20. That is amazing. You get your downlink & I have listed my above in the link as well, enjoy.

6. Sunday Houston Chronicle

I would also get the Sunday paper to get all the coupons from it and use. I am still new at the whole coupling thing and have only done it a few times but it works! So give it a try!


These apps are some of my favorite ways to save for my little family. Times have been rough and knowing some of the hacks have helped a lot. I hope i have been able to help you learn about some amazing new little savings!!!


****Disclaimer: I am not sponsored or in any way getting paid from the company for these reviews. If you click on the links I have provided & mentioned above & choose to sign up I will get the rewards I mentioned.


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