I am back!

Hey you all! It has been a while since I have blogged.

Let me just say it has been quite a whirlwind.

My little family moved to my dads for a bit then came back to my moms. Crazy, yes I know. So my dad is super old school; he has no cable or wifi and doesn’t believe in lowering the air condition below 75 degrees lol. We live in Texas and its HOT as HELL, literally. So we basically came back to my moms. I just feel more comfortable here.

I am still staying home with my babies and being the housewife. I actually just started babysitting some children to bring in some income. Still financially rough for us as a couple. Adult life is rough, I don’t know why I ever wanted to grow up, but I’m here and alive so I’m thankful for that. IF you’re reading this and want to grow up, DO NOT do it lol.

I also have gotten the best thing ever invented besides makeup. The Cricut Gold Edition has to be so amazing. It has so many functions to it I can’t even imagine all the things I can do with it. So far I’ve made vinyl decals, shirts, and cards. I will probably venture out to different things this summer. This machine will help me with my side business. I love this machine its sooooo pretty lol & gold. So I have been messing and exploring this machine. I absolutely love it.

So it has been two months now since Camille has joined tumbling. She loves it and I love watching her grow into the sport. It gives me joy to see her enjoy something. She is such an amazing little girl who is the most sweetest and kind hearted person. She is almost done with kindergarten, it makes me want to cry. Where has my baby girl gone? time is literally flying by. She is growing up right before my eyes.

Speaking of growing up Sammy is now 6 months and he is HUGE lol. He weighs almost 21 pounds and is pretty close to 27 inches. He is wearing 12-18 month clothes and size 5 diapers. I just can’t believe how big he is lol. He is my little chinky monkey. He is just starting full blown solids. I am actually making his solid foods. We are buying organic foods & I am pureeing them myself. I have also made it 6 months exclusively breast feeding. YAY me!!! Im so glad I’ve made it this far because it has been quite a bumpy road but extremely worth it. Now he is at the age where he will eat and look at me then smile, I love the time we spend together.

I do not have a lot of pictures post on this blog but I will have some great ones the next blog don’t worry!

One more thing is summer is coming up and I have to say I am excited! We don’t have much planned yet but I love the summer for the most part, aside from the Texas HELL weather that is too hot. It helps me get a tan lol.




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