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So my daughter is now 6 and I’ve finally decided with Sam her stepdad that we would put her in tumbling. Financially I wasn’t able to do it before. Now I had to make it happen for her!
Camille was born with Multicystic Dyplasty Kidney. In short words when I was pregnant I had the normal 20 week ultrasound where they look for any abnormalities. It appeared that her left kidney had multiple cyst on it. They couldn’t make an official diagnoses until she was born. Once she was born they were able to fully diagnose her and referred me to a urologist from Texas Children’s hospital. We took her at just a few weeks old and they had to run several test. Let me tell you that I will never forget that. It literally broke my heart. They had to put a certain dye in her body to check to see the function of the left kidney. Being able to hear your baby cry and not able to comfort them is extremely hard. In the end the results came back and the left kidney had no function to it but the right one looked perfectly normal. The kidney itself has to be monitored yearly to check the growth. The left kidney is suppose to ultimately shrivel and disappear on its own. If that didn’t happen then it could possibly harm the working kidney, thus the reason for the yearly check ups. When Camille was two years old I made the decision to go ahead and have the elective surgery to remove the left kidney. She had an awesome surgery and even better recovery. You would never even know that she had surgery. With this diagnoses she has to be careful with extra curricular activities that she chooses to be in. It would have to be an extremely hard hit to her right kidney to hurt her. I also know that I can’t shelter her forever.
Tumbling is the best choice for her for now! She absolutely loves it and I love watching her. This gym was absolutely amazing. She is in her very basics of tumbling. She is starting from the very beginning. Fortunately we have Sam who was a gymnast that can help her. I am absolutely glad that she has something to look forward to now to keep her busy instead of just being at home. It will also keep her disciplined with doing something and hopefully sticks with her in the long run. We practice at home and as much as we make her practice I want her to have fun. It’s fun but also nerve racking. She’s still at the age where she gets distracted somewhat. She’s so skinny it’s also hard for her to hold her weight up as well. She’s got to lift some weights lol which will hopefully make me work out with her. It’s about having fun but also taking it serious.  Have fun with your kids y’all and enjoy them they grow up fast!


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