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Lets talk makeup brushes By Cristal Benitez

Hey guys this is my first guest on my blog. She’s a makeup enthusist and beauty reviewer. I’ve known her since I was 15 working my first job! She’s absolutely amazing and such an awesome person . I am ecstatic that she decided to do this piece for me. I will put a picture of her and link to her Instagram page below 😊

I hope you all enjoy img_3180-2



Today is all about makeup brushes! When it comes to makeup application, having the right makeup brushes is the key to achieving a flawless look. As a makeup beginner it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of brushes available in all sorts of shapes and uses. So today I want to share with you my favorite makeup brushes and what to use them for! The brushes I’m going to be sharing with you can help you create a multitude of different makeup looks. You don’t need a zillion brushes to create a beautiful look; you just need the right ones!

My all-time favorite foundation brush is the Morphe M439. It’s a synthetic brush which works perfect with liquid foundations. With this brush I am able to achieve a smooth, full coverage, flawless look! If you’re looking for that airbrush finish look, this is the brush for you! This brush is only $13.99 (normally $27.99) and it’s totally worth it!!! I promise you it will become your favorite makeup brush ever!!

Ahhhh! The amazing, most talked about, and award-winning sponge, the BeautyBlender ($20). A makeup junkie’s best friend! And soon to be your most loved makeup tool! The original BeautyBlender is a great blending tool ESPECIALLY FOR BEGINNERS or anyone who wants to achieve that flawless, natural look. The BeautyBlender eliminates lines and streaks, it’s easy to use, and its unique egg shape allows effortless blending in both large and small areas of your face. Unfortunately there is no cheaper version of this sponge. I have tried many different versions of makeup sponges, and nothing ever comes close to achieving what the original BeautyBlender does. 

For powder brushes I look for brushes that are big and fluffy! These shapes allow for the application to set flawlessly and blend everything together. My favorite powder brushes are Morphe M527 ($15.99) and Sigma F25 ($33). The Morphe M527 is a pointed powder brush with goat bristles that are soft and offer a soft finish. The Sigma F25 (although a bit more pricey) features a large, tapered tip brush head, which is great for getting right into the creases of your face. This brush is also perfect to lightly contour your face or apply bronzer. Because this brush is multi-purpose, I think you really get your moneys worth with this brush! 

When it comes to blush brushes I tend to stick with angled brushes. That’s because I prefer a brush that makes the job easier for me. The angled blush brush provides precise application and it gives my cheeks that natural finish. My favorite blush brush is the Live Beauty Fully Flawless Blush Brush #227 ($28) by It Cosmetics. I know this can be a bit pricey, so if you want to save a little money you can get the Morphe M104 ($4.99). This brush is made of Sable bristles and works just as well as the No. 227 from It Cosmetics. 

A highlight brush is a must have in your collection! Why? Because it’s the brush that brings light to your beautiful face! My favorite highlight brush is the Morphe M501 ($7.99). I literally use this brush everyday! I actually have two of these brushes! (I’m slightly obsessed with it!) This brush completes my life! I use it to highlight the top part of my cheekbones, my nose and the inner corners of my eyes. This makes my face look brighter and more awake. I love using this brush with my powder highlights! 

Another one of my favorite face brushes is the Morphe M438 ($9.99). I personally believe that setting your concealer is a very important step in your makeup routine. This brush is perfect for setting your concealer under your eyes. The brush is flexible and allows the right movement to set your under eye area.   



A blending brush is a must have to achieve gorgeous eye looks! Blending is extremely important in makeup application. That’s why I have invested in two of the best blending brushes: the Sigma E25 ($12.60) and the Sigma E40 ($16). I use both of these brushes to soften harsh lines and edges. The E25 is great for combining colors from the crease to the lid and the E40 is perfect to gently apply colors that will help soften your transition colors on to the brow bone. Some other great blending brushes are e.l.f Blending Brush #84020 ($3) and Morphe M330 ($5.99).



This last brush is a must have in your collection, an all-over lid brush for eye shadows. My favorite all-over lid brush is the  Sigma E55  ($14). I use this brush for an all-over application of eye shadow. I tend to apply the lighter colors as a base with this brush, but it also works well to dab eye shadow on to the lid. You can also use e.l.f Eye Shadow Brush ($1) and you will accomplish the same as you would with the Sigma E55.

I hope you guys find this helpful and I encourage you all to give these brushes a shot! And of course I couldn’t end this without hooking you guys up with some discount codes  MORPHE BRUSHES “JACATTACK”, SIGMA BRUSHES “JACLYN”. These discount codes are from my favorite YouTuber Jaclyn Hill! What are some of your favorite makeup brushes?


2 thoughts on “Lets talk makeup brushes By Cristal Benitez

  1. Love this post! Makeup has just started to interest me (maybe it is because my 30 year old skin NEEDS it now lol), so this is helpful! Maybe a video with demonstrations too??? Thanks for sharing!


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