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Sprink Break

So last week was Spring break for my daughter Camille. She spent the first half a week with her dad and his family. She has step brothers, a sister, & her stepmom at that house. So she came home Thursday to end her week here.

So we go past this place called Frobergs Farm all the time. So I decided to google it and it’s a farmers market and they also have strawberry picking. She absolutely loves strawberries so I knew she would love this. So when she came home that’s exactly what we did. We ventured over to Frobergs Farm. You pay a $1 per bucket and $2.35 a pound once they weigh the strawberries for you. So I knew this adventure might be a little rough for me having baby Sammy and Cami by myself. There was lots of strawberries this day and it was so cool to experience this with her she absolutely loved this.

So once we were almost done filling our strawberry bucket baby Sammy started to get fussy. I was hoping he would calm down a bit so we could also go inside their little farmers market and grab a few vegetables. I got to look around but baby Sammy was not having it anymore 😕 so we decided to go ahead and come on home. It’s rough taking two kids out! Luckily Cami is old enough to do stuff and help me but it’s a task lol.

So in Houston around spring break time is always the Houston Rodeo. My daughter happens to LOVE the rodeo and seeing all the animals and the carnival. She loves everything about it! So we had to take her. Friday evening was our plan. We got all ready and when Sam came home from work we headed over to the rodeo to check out the carnival and the livestock and the many other features they have. So we got there and it was nice and sunny and Cami and I went on the Ferris wheel ride. Once we got on the ride we saw some dark clouds and some thunder 🙄🙄 Sam told me we needed to get inside one of the other areas because of baby Sam. It would definitely not have been fun to try and run from the rain with the baby! We made it to the building that had the horse show just in time before it started pouring. Once that happened we decided to leave and come back the Sunday and have someone watch baby Sammy.

Sunday comes around and we tried the rodeo again and had a sitter for the baby! It was so much easier let me tell you! Plus she was just with us and we were able to pay attention to just her! She had an absolute blast and it was much fun seeing her have fun!

The last thing we did on spring break was Camille joined tumbling! She’s so excited she had her first class.

I wasn’t sure how she would act once the baby got here but she’s an amazing big sister and kid altogether. I enjoyed spending the time with her because the baby does get a lot of our attention and don’t want her to feel any less! She’s so awesome though and we had a fun spring break!


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