Signature? Help! 

So this is I believe my 7th post to my blog. I think it’s time I had a signature at the end of each post. I’m not sure exactly what I want though so I have a few options and would love for you all to tell me what you think?

Okay so choice number 1.

It’s got a beige pinkish color to it which I love. I love the font because it seems sophisticated and classy.

Choice number 2.

So this one I love too, because it’s not super sophisticated it’s flowy. It’s color is really pretty to me as well, it’s subtle but a tad bright.

Decisions decisions! I would love your feed back!

So for now I’ll sign off like I normally do.



10 thoughts on “Signature? Help! 

  1. I’m clearly odd man out… I really like #1, the font and the color. Although color of #2 goes well with the theme you have going on here. Ultimately it’s your blog, your choice.

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