Sewing machine defeat? 

So it’s about midnight here in Houston and my little one is wide awake and I’m watching my all time favorite series for the like 10th time?!? Sons of anarchy has to be the best ever! I don’t care lol judge me I love this series. So if you’ve read my blogs you know I’m trying to start my own small business. My SIL (sister in law) let me borrow a sewing machine. I’ve never sewed a day in my life 😬 but hey why not give it a try it would help me tremendously.

So I get this awesome Singer sewing machine in my home it’s been about two weeks lol. So my husband was telling me he could help. I swear that man can do anything and better than me besides cook & the dishes lol. So he gets it all set up for me partially and he’s been working late so we just sat down to try and finish the rest. Well he did I just watched. He showed me what I needed but I definitely need more work on it cause now I’m here stuck on trying to figure it out. Watching different YouTube videos on how to try and figure it out. Oh I must say right now this sewing machine is defeating me.

I will not let this happen! I’ll be writing another blog soon on how I’ve become a pro lol (hopefully). Let the power of a sewer be with me !!!



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