Turkey burger! 

So I love burgers and I love turkey, what better way to choose something healthy than turkey burgers! It’s been a little bit since I have had turkey and truly I was not sure what to make for dinner. I just went to the grocery store and kind of wondered around figuring out as I go. Usually I don’t do this but I just had no clue what I was in the mood for. I saw turkey and immediately turkey burgers popped in my mind! So I got two pounds of turkey, some burger seasoning which happened to be gluten free. I’ll include a picture of it at the end of the post. I also got some whole wheat buns, asparagus, & mushrooms. I already had red onions at home and plenty of cheese.

I used all two pounds of the turkey meat and added about 4 tablespoons of the burger seasoning. Let me say this before I continue I can follow a recipe but sometimes it’s hard for me make one lol. I love to just create it as I go. I definite eyeball a lot of things when I cook. I minced some garlic about 2 tablespoons for the meat mixture and mixed it altogether. I added two brown eggs to the mix to help the meat mixture stick together. I let this marinate covered in the fridge for about an hour. For my side I had sweet potatoes fries that yes I bought from the frozen section! Don’t strike me down! I usually make them but forgive me I have a 3 month old with house chores and trying to get my business out there. Quick and easy!! I just followed the instructions on the bag and wala they’re done! I always leave mine a little longer than the bag because I love crispy fries!

Alright down to the burger making!! I used unsalted butter to coat the bottom of my pan for some flavor. I realized as I started this I should have shaped them all out at once instead of as I go but it worked out in the end. I used about medium heat and shaped them the size of my palm. I have small hands so they were just perfect! Of course you can make them to your size liking. And I just laid them down in the pan and cooked each side for about 5 minutes. I also covered the pan on each side to keep the heat in. I also forgot to mention I sprinkled a little bit of smoked paprika on both sides. It gave it that smokey pit flavor with paprika; just so good!!! So just do that until you have used all your meat. I got about 8-9 patties out of it I can’t remember the exact amount. Let me just say I will definitely get better at this recipe posts lol. Don’t hesitate to give me feedback!

I had already prepped some sliced red onions and mushrooms for once I finished the burgers. I used the same pan that I cooked the burgers in and just wiped it down for flavor but also so I don’t have to clean another dish lol.  I added some unsalted butter and balsamic vinegar to the pan about a teaspoon and just sautéed them lovely vegetables really quick. The balsamic gives me an acidic taste but the mushrooms soak up the flavor so great.

I grabbed my buns and toasted them a bit and grabbed my patty added some mustard and little bit of mayo, I topped mine with mozzarella cheese and I had some spinach in the fridge. I Just used the spinach instead of regular lettuce; gives you some low fat & low cholesterol but high in fiber, protein and other added benefits. I then added the red onions and mushrooms on top. I also fried up one of my brown eggs and topped it off for my kind of turkey burger! Okay I’m sure you will all have some kind of questions or feedback! Share with me! & sorry for my amateur pictures, I promise I’ll get better!



Stephanie 😍


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