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Working out & eating healthy….

So I’m almost 4 months postpartum, I am exclusively breastfeeding. During my pregnancy I gained close to 40 pounds which was fine with me. Now I’ve lost about 20 pound since then. I haven’t been doing my best at eating healthy or exercising. Let’s be real here I’m a mom of two I am not or have ever been an avid person who loves to workout. Fortunately I have a fast metabolism, which I know won’t last forever. So as of today I am committing to working out at home for at least 30 minutes.

I CAN do THIS I’ll whisper to myself every morning to motivate myself, I hope lol. I love cooking as you should know if you’ve read any of my other post or my about me section. I love vegetable and fruits so if I was only cooking for myself I’m sure I could do this, but I have a husband and a 6 year old. My husband will eat just about everything but always complains that I only use chicken. Haha he tells me I’m going to turn him into a chicken. I’ve worked for a healthy food place and in school we studies nutrition. I try to cook as healthy as I can get.

Since I’m breastfeeding I have found that I eat a whole lot more whenever I actually get the chance too. I need to intake an extra 300-500 more calories a day since I’m being drained from baby. So Getting on a schedule with a 3 month old has actually been pretty hard. I absolutely love sleep so that’s my main problem. I’m not a morning person, which makes it hard for me stay up in the morning. I have to nap when the baby does. Excuses excuses tisk tisk…lol

So today I vow to dedicate 30 minutes out of my day to workout. May I keep my butt but lose inches lol. Also to eat when I should be and attempt to meal prep. So any struggling moms out there let’s gather together and support one another. My contact information is here don’t be scared!



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